Circle of Life

In my new spirit of openness, I shared with a coworker about my impending surgery and discovered that she too had the endometriosis surgery. She gave me a heads up that the recovery can be a little rougher than you might anticipate. I stopped by her desk today to say thank you for the insight and that googling the surgery and knowing better what to expect had put me at ease.

She shared with me the abridged version of all she went through before her three kiddos. She mentioned that the third doctor she saw was amazing and that he was the first to diagnose her auto-immune disorder and treat it effectively. I was making a mental note to store his name in my back pocket for future reference, when she said his name… It hung there for a minute… Why did it sound so familiar???? Oh wait – that is because he was the doctor who delivered ME! If I went to him, wouldn’t that be very full circle?!?

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