Humor in Surgical Prep

Yesterday, I stopped by the pharmacy on my way home from work. I needed to pick up an Enema to use pre-surgery as instructed by the doctor. I knew what the results of taking one would be, but had no idea how it was actually administered or what it looked like. After wandering around for minutes trying to figure out what aisle (you’ll find them with the laxatives – duh!), I found them. They were on the bottom shelf, probably as to not offend the sensibilities of the general public. I took the box off the shelf and began reading the back. I began laughing out loud almost uncontrollably when I saw the illustrations of the person with their naked ass up in the air. So giving yourself an enema is sort of like child’s pose! Once I regained my composure, I took my selection up to the register. Of course, there was a huge line! I couldn’t decide which way to hold the box. Should I hold it with the label facing out that says in ENEMA in large type or should I face out the hysterical illustrations?!? I was up next and then realized that the three high school girls in front of me, who barely looked old enough to drive, were buying a pregnancy test for one of the girls in the group! Seriously! The world hates me sometimes. When I got back in the car, I pulled the box out again and once again was laughing!



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4 responses to “Humor in Surgical Prep

  1. Ah the pre-lap enema, I remember not so fondly to mine almost exactly two years ago! I had to do an oral one and a “child’s pose”. I had my lap to remove two large endometriomas on my ovaries on June 30, 2009. Less than 3 months later I was pregnant with my now 1-year old son, having conceived in my third of three perfect 28 day cycles (which, as a PCOS-er, was a feat in itself). Hoping the same luck for you, sending positive vibes your way šŸ™‚ (I am here from LFCA, by the way!)

  2. Funny, funny! Hope the surgery went well and wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. I hope your surgery went well and you’re not in too much discomfort.
    I had lap surgery 1.5 years ago for an endometrioma cyst (on which side, I never remember). I thankfully didn’t have to do an enema beforehand. šŸ™‚ And I was only in the hospital for just over 24 hours. I think the worst part for me was the pain in my shoulders from the gas they used to fill up my stomach area during surgery.
    Unfortunately, the surgery wasn’t my lucky break. Next month is 3 years of TTC for me/us and I’m still not pregnant. Our next IVF cycle will be around September.

  4. Jane – Yeah! I happy ending story! I ended up having spots of endometriosis on my right ovary / cervix and a golf ball sized cyst on my Fallopian tube. The dr gave my husband the impression that the cyst may not have been effecting fertility, but it was crazy looking.

    Heather – has your RE given you any explanation for your IF? I am so sorry that you’ve had to wait and go through all of this for so long! I hope that the next IVF cycle doesmthe trick!

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