My husband and I first started trying to conceive in Oct ’10 and are waiting for our little nugget! We’ve hit a few bumps along the road (Endometriosis and a MTHFR C667T mutation to deal with), but remain very hopeful. I had laprascopic surgery at the end of June ’10 to clean house. Besides endo removal the doctor drained a golf ball sized tubular cyst. Now I am trying to take good care of myself and am using Clomid. Someday soon!!!

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  1. Jenna

    Hi Kelly!

    I found your blog tonight while googling if canker sores are a side effect of clomid. Sounds like that was one reaction we both had! After reading your posts we are in a very similar stage of trying. We started trying last summer and just finished our first month of clomid + iui (no luck). I can relate to so many of your posts…bought a much larger size bridesmaid dress only to have to have it sized way down due to no baby, friends announcing pregnancies…and I’m in tears, de-friending or hiding friends on facebook, getting hopes up every month.

    So far we have the frustrating diagnosis of “unexplained” infertility. I’m curious as to how the doctor found that gene mutation. I’ve had the standard cycle day 3 and day 21 bloodwork but nothing on genetics (that I know of). I was also once told years ago through an ultrasound that a previous doctor might suspect endometriosis but my current doctor and RE doctor don’t see any signs or symptoms. Just curious but what made the doctor want to do the surgery?

    Well i truly wish you the best and hope that we will both be awaiting our first babies any day now!


  2. Jenna,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you and your guy are having trouble too! It is such an emotional ride to deal with on your own. It has been so helpful to start this blog and connect with people out there who are going through the same thing. Especially as it seems all my best friends in real life are fertile myrtles who can’t understand at all and only say – it will happen soon! My husband is super supportive, but there really is only so much obsessing about getting pregnant that he can handle sanely.

    Do you have a blog?

    My doctor has a research interest in MTHFR mutations and claims to have seen a strong anecdotal relationship between it and inability to conceive and miscarriages with his patients. I have the least severe of the mutations variations – C677T. The mutation to the MTHFR enzyme causes your body to be deficient in B12, B6 and Folic Acid. I’m not entirely sure how it all works, but people with the mutation can have elevated homocysteine levels. Elevated homocysteine levels are a risk factor for blood clots, which also work against pregnancy.

    I had previously been diagnosed by my internist as having a B12 deficiency a few months before I met with this new OB. When I told him about this, he suggested that I be tested for the mutation and it turned out that I have it. I take a large amount of B12, B6, Folic Acid, and a baby aspirin each day to treat it. There is some controversial in the medical community if this mutation effects fertility and miscarriages, but I figure that these are easy steps to follow and can’t hurt!

    Here is another woman’s success story with MTHFR and multiple miscarriages…

    As for the endometriosis, my doctor suspected it because of the fairly common symptoms of extreme periods (nausea, major cramps and back pain) and pain during intercourse. After the diagnosis, I started paying more attention to my body and I have discomfort almost everyday to some extent. I also have crazy abdominal bloating during my periods, so I am completely expecting him to find endometriosis when he operates. He told me that he is 85-90% sure that he will find it. I’m having surgery in a week and a half, so then I will know for sure. My doctor is very experienced with the surgery and I’ve read that not many OBGYNs are very familiar with performing the procedure and therefore sometimes avoid it as treatment for endometriosis.

    All the best to you!!! I hope that you keep reading and leave updates on what is going on with you too!


  3. Jenna

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for the information! I do not have a blog right now. I see you are having surgery tomorrow. I will think about you and I hope everything goes well! Tomorrow I have my ultrasound in prep for IUI on Thurs. I’m very hopeful this will work and I won’t have to move to IVF in a few months.


  4. Good luck with your IUI cycle!!! I have my fingers crossed for you!

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