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Little Nugget on TV….wait…Seriously!!!

I was at the gym tonight with my husband. I was riding a bike and he was behind me on a treadmill. I was peddling, minding my own business, catching up on my google reader and pinning all sorts of cute decorating ideas. The DH calls from behind, “check out the cute nugget on tv!” I look up and there is the cutest baby on TV. I keep watching without the sound because I am totally obsessed with babies despite my efforts to reduce the pain causing exposure :). Then the scene cuts to a crying mother – ah oh, this must be a sad story. Then it cuts to someone shooting up!!!! Cut to commercial and the banner announces the show is ‘Addicted at Birth’ about crack babies. SERIOUSLY!!! Look back at the DH and see his attention has shifted back to the baseball game. He has avoided the horror of this seriously unfit mother. Lucky guy! Now I need to put the image out of my mind and accept (again) that life is never fair.

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