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The Size 14 Bridesmaid Dress – Coming Soon!

My brother is getting married in August and his fiance asked the bridesmaids to order their dresses in January. In the spirit of hope, I went up two sizes and ordered extra length to accommodate up to a 7 month bump. You can always cut fabric off, but you can’t make it appear from nothing. Months have been tearing off the calendar and here we are – three months from the wedding and I have probably actually lost weight in my working out to prepare my body for pregnancy, so now the dress is probably three sizes too large. There will be a lot of cutting!

I saw the bride this weekend and found out that actually one of her other bridesmaid is accidentally pregnant and will be about 5-6 months along by the time of the wedding. Lucky for her – I will have panels of material to be cut out of the side of my dress that she can sew into hers! We will both be looking for a good seamstress! I am DEFINITELY not trying on this dress at the store and hope to dodge the confused looks from the saleswoman. I’ll just tell her I was on Biggest Loser!

Luckily – this is my 9th time around as a bridesmaid, so I am sooooo use to the atrocious dresses. So this is rolling off me pretty well =)


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