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More Peak +7 Test results

So today I am 10 days past my supposed ovulation. My temp spiked last Tuesday, but my fertility monitor never picked up a peak day. And between all the baby dancing, pre-seed and my natural lack of cervical mucus… I still can’t read my mucus signs after 18 months of charting!

I took a pregnancy test again this morning and still not even the faintest second line. So definitely negative, but still early. I was having a hard time holding out any hope for this month, but my peak+7 bloodwork came back yesterday. My progesterone level was at 21 ng/mL and my estadiol level was 421 pg/mL. These are both good and high like last month. So i guess this means that I did ovulate. The nurse sounded so darn optimistic last month and was asking if I had taken a pregnancy test because the numbers were showing that my hormone levels were really good. But still no luck last month, so what does that really mean?!?

This post outlines what exactly progesterone and estrodiol actually do… https://waitingforthenugget.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/peak-7-bloodwork/

I guess something positive is that I had these levels again on a lesser dose of Clomid. So maybe acupuncture is helping? It was nice being on lower dose of Clomid, my ovaries felt less like they wanted to explode!

I just want so badly to be pregnant! Why can’t I make this work? I feel like I am doing everything I can.

Off to work… I have so much to accomplish today before leaving on vacation. I just can’t make myself care. Seems to be a common theme these days.

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What’s New?

I have been MIA lately on the blog. I keep oscillating between should I remove all the infertility obsession from my life (twitter, blogging, reading blogs, reading books on the topic, etc) to help me deal. Or is it healthy to accept and allow my obsessive ways. I think there is a happy medium between the two extremes that I need to find. So I am back… and here is a quick update on what has been going on in my life.


I just sent back my final comments to my wedding photographer on our album proof… our TWO year Anniversary is Monday – haha! My photographer such an amazing job that I had the hardest time ever picking what photographs to use. Having the DVD of all the images didn’t help either as I could just flip through them anytime I wanted. I don’t like to think of myself as a procrastinator, but sometimes I am epic! Example 2 is the future nursery room that is essentially just a large catchall closet currently. Yes we purchased our home in the Winter of ’09 – we are coming up on three years. We talk about this room like the field of dreams… we need to clean it out and the baby will come. This thinking hasn’t yet produced action though =)

I added myself to the Stirrup Queen’s IComLeavWe (International Comment Week) October list. I’m hoping this will help me focus more on the blog – instead of just mentally outlining posts, but never writing them. More info here: http://www.stirrup-queens.com/2011/09/icomleavwe-october-2011/

It has been 3 months exactly since my endometriosis laproscopy – definitely thought I would be pregnant after three months… maybe fourth time is a charm?


Our little puppy Rosie got spayed on Tuesday (yes we got a puppy back in July – this is another whole blog entry). I joking told my husband this morning that she is like her Mommy now and can’t get pregnant! Normally she is crazy full of energy, but she is blissfully calm in her drugged up state. Sort of pathetic too in the cone head. The calmness is starting to wear off today already though, but that is good because it does not seem like she is in too much pain.

My husband went to dinner last night with his best friend, after he had noticed we were both so down on Friday night. I think that it was good for Joe to be able to talk to someone else besides me about what he is feeling. He also was able to share some of his feelings with me he hadn’t previously been able.


I officially started week 1 of the first cycle after a year of trying. I guess this technically makes me medically infertile now =(

I also found out that Charlotte, my friend who had the same endometriosis laproscopy procedure 6 days before me is pregnant. She had told me that she didn’t think she ovulated last month and was super down the last time I talked to her. So it was another one of the kick you in the gut pregnancy announcements because I had mentally put her in my safe, not pregnant box for another month. I know this should make me feel super hopeful that the surgery works. But I already knew the surgery works for a lot of people, but the reality is that everyone’s body is different. She was dealing with secondary infertility, so she already had answers to questions like, “maybe my eggs are just crappy?” My husband called at work and asked me to go somewhere private to call him and then he told me their news. I immediately just started crying. I spent probably 20 minutes on the phone with him, just sitting in front of my building at work crying. At times like that, I am sooooo tired of this journey and the reality is there could still be a very long road ahead of us. Charlotte was going to call me that night, but I had already been sort of weepy that day thanks to the Clomid and I just couldn’t handle it that day. The next day though, I mustered up my strength and happy voice and called her to wish them congrats. I realized why pregnancy announcements by close friends hurt the worst, because you would think you would be able to muster up the most happiness for those you care the most. It hurts because it feels so much like you are being left behind and excluded from a private club. It feels like a rift opens up a bit that separates the parents from the non-parents.


I have added a few more layers of wellness to my get pregnant plan. I can’t stand to not change something from month to month. It just feels like Einstein’s definition of insanity… “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So last month after I ovulated, I started acupuncture and seeing a chiropractor right after I ovulated (both of these deserve a whole post too). It didn’t result in a BFP, but I have been seeing some other great outcomes from the treatments. Maybe this month, it will all pay off?

This month, I added in removing alcohol from my diet. I am sure I will fall off the horse, but I figure reducing it 90% has to only be a benefit. We will see how I do at the wedding and all-inclusive vacation we have planned before Aunt Flo could make her dreaded appearance.

My brother got married! I wore the size 14 bridesmaid dress (ordered when I thought for sure I would be pregnant) that was “altered” back down to a size 10. It still looked huge! The wedding was so much fun and they are so happy. I have a new love of weddings currently. They are events filled with so much hope for the future – how can you not help but love them?

That pretty much covers the big stuff. Until next time!

HUGS to all, Kelly


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Well, Hello Egg!

Today is a peak day! Day 17 and that little egg icon made an appearance on my fertility monitor!

I haven’t ovulated the last two months and endlessly peed on sticks for weeks with that annoying second, high bar blinking day after day! There was never a peak day (my temps also backed up this observation). I didn’t have much hope for this month either, but shockingly today after only two high days the egg showed up!

After my last doctor’s appointment, where both of my next step options didn’t start until next month – taking Clomid or doing the endometriosis surgery – I had dismissed this month already before it had really even begun. I guess I should have bought some more Mucinex to help with my diminishing mucus. I just hate that pill the worst! It is so big and chalky. Hopefully my body will have produced enough to keep the swimmers alive.

So when that little guy appeared on the screen, my second thought after the initial giddiness was, I hope this won’t mess up the timing of the endometriosis surgery I just finalized yesterday! But after some compulsive calendar counting, with a 13 day cycle back end I will finish my period the day before the surgery or a 14 day back end will bring the end of my period on the day of surgery. Luckily, I had asked about just this situation and the nurse confirmed it would be okay. So hopefully everything will work out!

This means the beginning of my period or hopefully, positive pregnancy test will occur in the days directly prior to a group trip to NY for a wedding. Good timing in the sense that if I am pregnant, I will know and can abstain from drinking and be jumping for joy on the inside. Bad timing, in the sense that if I am not pregnant, I might want to throw myself off the Brooklyn Bridge. It never fails that I have fun trips planned directly after starting my period, which is the time I usually like to mope and have private pity parties. It is hard to force fun. This trip would be extra difficult as the new mom-to-be and new momma will both be in attendance – guaranteeing excessive baby talk.

Time to be positive though! The peonies in our backyard starting blooming this week – maybe it is a sign =)


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Expecting Beginner’s Luck

At the very beginning, I expected that my fertility monitor would inform the perfect timing to conceive and that would be it.  I’d take a pregnancy test two weeks later and there would be two lines.  Why wouldn’t it work that way?  I had been off birth control for months, had been charting and using NFP to avoid pregnancy, the back end of my period had been consistent., and I felt very informed.   When friends would mention that it took them a few months to get pregnant, I always figured that it was because they were just not in tune with their body.

Our parent’s didn’t have any problem getting pregnant.  My parent’s joke that my dad only had to look at my mom and she was pregnant and my husband’s birthday is exactly 9 months after his parent’s wedding anniversary.

I’ve heard so many friends proclaim that they “just knew” that they would have problems getting pregnant.  Ironically – one of those girls got pregnant on accident the first month after stopping the pill.  Another,  got pregnant the second month trying.  I was never feared having trouble getting pregnant.  I truly believed that at the most it would take three months – at the most.

We were expecting beginner’s luck and that positive test at the end of the month, so we checked out “What to Expect While You Are Expecting” from the library.  I signed up for weekly pregnancy updates and began cutting all the no-no items out of my diet.   I started bookmarking cribs and bedding online.  It only took a few months, to learn that this type of behavior was not good for self-preservation.

The weekend before my first expected missed period was a good friend’s wedding.  I pretended to sip beers on the trolley and drank soda water with a lime while I daydreamed about revealing my sneaky ways in a few months when we’d announce the pregnancy.

The month ended with early pregnancy tests and only slightly tempered hopes after the first was negative.  I knew of a friend who only discovered she was pregnant after the second test – the first was taken too early.  But then the cramping started, followed shortly thereafter by my period.  We were disappointed, but convinced that the next month would be the month.

The next month played out similarly again – another sober wedding, more pregnancy tests.  This time though there was a bladder infection from our overly eager efforts.  The doctor warned that since I was sick, it would hurt our chances, but that didn’t diminish my hopes.   Then there was the month my husband was out of town for work exactly on the day I ovulated.   Then there was another bladder infection.  Then there was the month we didn’t try because the baby would be due on my brother’s wedding.  It was easy to explain away why my period kept coming, but the nagging feeling that something might be wrong.

Looking back at this time now, I am mourning the loss of the excitement and anticipation.  It was so fun to imagine our baby and what traits he / she would inherit from us, what names we liked, and how we would be as parents.  I miss that feeling.  It still happens every once and a while, but there is a lot more guarded optimism.


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Hello world!

I have decided to start a blog to chronicle my journey to motherhood – and secretly hoping that quickly this blog will turn into a mommy blog!  My husband and I decided to start trying to get pregnant last October.  We had talked hypothetically about it for many months, but then one day just decided that it was time.  We had just celebrated our first anniversary and I had just taken the last exam (out of 7) to  become a licensed architect.  We realized all of a sudden that we were ready – but apparently my body was not.

We are both Catholic and had been intrigued with Natural Family Planning – for both the religious and natural aspects.   I had stopped using the Nuva Ring birth control that spring and had started charting using the Marquette method – temps, mucus and some more modern help from the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor.  So that first month, we were already equipped with the knowledge of when exactly to do it and a pretty good understanding of how it all worked.  So as the months ticked off and my period kept making it’s appearance, we had this feeling that maybe things weren’t working quite right.

After 5 months of trying, I scanned in my charts and emailed them to the nurse who had taught our NFP class who suggested an OBGYN who specialized in NFP.  I made my first appointment and sat in the waiting room nervously wondering if he’d think I was totally overly anxious and wound too tight about the whole thing.  It had only been 5 months!  Medically you aren’t reproductively challenged until it has been a year.  Thankfully he was amazingly patient and caring.

After some blood work, we discovered that I had one copy of the C677T mutation of the MTHFR gene.  Just a little road bump that requires a cocktail of over the counter vitamins (Folic Acid, B12, B6) and baby aspirin.  Because I have some limited mucus, he also suggested adding Mucinex.  We checked my husbands boys and he was very relieved to find out that everything was perfect in that area.

The latest development the past two months is my fertility monitor has not picked up a peak day.  Meaning quite likely that I did not ovulate.  I may have Endometriosis.  I am currently pondering the choices the doctor laid out – a) try Clomid for a few months to encourage ovulation or b) a laparoscopic surgery to check for and remove the Endometriosis.  I’m not keen on surgery – even if it is out-patient, but don’t really want to waste any time.  Decisions, decisions!

Through it all – I try to keep a sense of humor about the current circumstances and hope for the future!  I look forward to sharing my journey with you!



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