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Hot Flashes, Canker Sores and Words of Wisdom

I thought I had almost made it through my first Clomid cycle without any obvious side effects, but might be wrong.  I have a terrible head cold also going on, so the symptoms could also be a combination of the hormones and the sickness.   Last night, I woke up at 2am with my shirt drenched in sweat and having a panic attack over how hot it was under the covers.   After flying out of bed and to the kitchen for some water, I realized that it wasn’t the temperature in the room that was to blame.  Clomid, perhaps?  Now today, I have the most painful canker sores.  I use to get them all the time, but haven’t had any in a long time.  Ouch!  Why can’t I stop poking my tongue at them!

I will gladly take a hot flash and a canker sore any day over being super weepy though!  I’ve been feeling remarkably even keeled as of late.  I’m working hard at trying to find a place of peace and acceptance with the process and to find some patience.

I went to a Catholic, high school and get emails form the school with quotes from the writings of the Visitation Order’s founder, St. Francis De Sales.  Sometimes it is uncanny how they speak to exactly what is going on in my life at that moment.  Today I received this one and thought I would share…

“Be strong and constant in your resolution to hand over your heart totally and entirely to God, since there is nothing better that you could do; but do not ask for crosses and trials to test your fidelity.  Instead of this, await and accept what God sends you.  Your fidelity will be tested in thousands of other ways in humility, in pleasant manners, in charity, in cordial service, in being affectionate and loving toward your neighbor.  May God give you the gifts of patience and fortitude, because you will have the opportunity to make use of them.”  (Letters  2006;  O. XXI,  pp. 53-54)

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