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Clomid Side Effects… Twin Nuggets?

Today was my third daily dosage of Clomid… So far so good. I haven’t noticed any side effects. Some quick reading on message boards had me bracing for some MAJOR mood swings. Turns out though that less than 1% of woman report mood swings. It appears that the side effect with the highest risk is twins. I’ve read statistics up to 10%, but my doctor quoted 5% and pointed out the typical pregnancy results in twins 2% of the time already.

My husband and I were intrigued with the idea of someday having twins before we even started trying to conceive and now it feels like a pretty efficient scenario. My father-in-law has twin brothers and my mom’s father was a twin, so it already runs in the family. We get pretty excited about the idea of twin nuggets (although I did just read up on the risks if multiples which is a bit sobering).

A side effect of the Clomid that I am concerned about is vaginal dryness. I already have been taking 1200 mg of Mucinex twice daily starting when my period stops through ovulation. It is suppose to help with my diminishing mucus patterns, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed much of a difference. A friend was just telling me that the book, “Taking Control of Your Fertility,” suggests using egg whites as a homeopathic remedy to supplement your natural mucus. I am interested in finding how that exactly works?!?

If you are interested in finding out more about Clomid side effects, check out this link…

I’m glad to not be experiencing any side effects, but I also don’t have a gut feeling that this will work. I just need to give it more time – I’m sure I will follow my typical emotional trajectory. I start the month slightly depressed, come out of my period feeling very realistic and accepting of our situation, then the hope slowly builds until it reaches illogical peaks where the three negative pregnancy tests are wrong! (Sigh)… another month of hoping and suspense – maybe this will be the month the two week wait doesn’t end with disappointment again.


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