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When the doctor first described the endometriosis surgery, I was thinking this would be on par with getting some cavities filled. That would be slightly underestimating the procedure – it turns out surgery is never really not that big of a deal. After reading online, I discovered that I might be ready to go back to work on Monday following the Wed surgery, but for many people it is almost a week long recovery. My husband laughed at my google keywords of “scared of endometriosis surgery” but that was exactly what I was feeling and wanted to hear what other women had to say about it. We read about the recovery, about the operating room, read about the technical aspects and looked at pictures of the surgery. I cried a bit and got to verbalize my fears, but in the end it was very reassuring though to hear story after story of pregnancy occurring just months afterwards!!! That result would definitely make the pain worth it.

I am still not 100% convinced that this is the next “logical” step for me. I haven’t had extensive imaging or bloodwork done. I wonder am I jumping into a very serious procedure without ruling out the easier steps first? It is just too tempting to have this seemingly magic bullet surgery available. It might be the power of suggestion, but since endometriosis was suggested, I have been paying much closer attention to my body. I am realizing that I deal with abdominal discomfort and mild pain on a daily basis. I always assumed it was a highly sensitive digestive system, but maybe it is endometriosis instead?

My husband has just come around to telling our parents what has been going on. I told him that I would have to tell my mom – she would be so angry if she found out that I had done the surgery and had not let her know! So we are going to tell everyone this week. Not quite the fun announcement we hoped to be able to make, but I am excited to be able to talk about it.

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