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Little Lesson Learned

My husband and I have been talking about taking a vacation for a LONG time. Neither of us have taken more than a few days off in a row since our honeymoon. So we decided to take the plunge on booking a 2nd anniversary trip! We got prices on a few resorts in Punta Cana from a travel agent. We only waited 36 hours to get him our choice and the price had gone up significantly. There were only a few rooms available at that very discounted rate. I was so disappointed!!!! These feelings compounded with my BFN sadness from earlier this week. I went into full spin whining to my husband about how it feels like we never catch a break. He does not entertain my pity parties. Our conversations about not being pregnant go the same way everytime. I can’t believe how much time has already passed since we started trying and then I begin exploring the worst case scenarios. DH is always more positive and reaffirms that despite all this baby stuff we are so blessed in every other way and need to be thankful. I know that he is correct, but sometimes it is hard to see beyond our inability so far to get pregnant.

So this conversation replayed itself yet again after I was bummed out on missing such an amazing deal. By the time I went to bed, I was finally able to see that option #2 for vacation was pretty darn amazing too. The next day, I came across this writing by St. Francis de Sales. It was a little lesson that applied directly to my tantrum the day before…

“Soon we shall be in eternity, and then we shall see how very petty are the things of this earth and how inconsequential it is whether we are involved in them or not. Now we get all worked up as if the were terribly important! When we were small children, how carefully we collected pieces of wood, stone and such to build huts, and if someone knocked them down we cried; then we were all put out, but now we understand how unimportant these things were. We will feel the same way one day in Heaven, when we see that all our preoccupations in this world were nothing but childish concerns. Be faithful to your duties, but be convinced that there is nothing more worthy or more important than eternal salvation and the perfection of your soul .” (Letters 455; O. XIX, p. 22)

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