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Hello? Anyone there?

Last month, I emailed a friend to ask what the tube checking procedure was called that did before becoming pregnant (it is a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) btw!).  After she wrote back, I responded with a short update on what was going on with me as she was one of the first people I confided in about trying to conceive.  I told her about the surgery (included the date which has since passed), that I was having reservations and felt very torn on if I should have it or not.  I did not ask her any specific questions in my email, but I sent it 25 days ago.  She never responded, she never inquired once if I decided to have the surgery or not.  She didn’t call or email after June 1st to see how it went if it went.

I miss my friend and sort of feel like that now that she is pregnant that I’ve been forgotten!  It is already difficult feeling like I am not a part of the mommy club that more and more friends join every month, but it hurts even worse when those friends don’t take the effort to take interest in what is going on in your life.  Sometimes this fertility struggle can make make you feel isolated emotionally.

But just when I was feeling alone, another pregnant friend IM’d me today to ask again what day I was having surgery.  She told me that even though it sounded weird that she was very excited for it to be here because she was hoping so much that it would clear up my fertility issues.   Then she told me that she would be bringing over dinner in the days after surgery.  It made me feel so good to have a friend so strongly in my corner!  It is amazing how much a little kindness and concern can mean!



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